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Language courses in Chemnitz

Language is the most important means of communication by far and, with globalisation, learning foreign languages has become an important part of our professional and personal lives. This is true whether you want to learn a language from scratch or are looking to refresh and expand your existing knowledge. But how to get started? For many people, the answer is finding a local language school.

Learn a new language with SprachUnion and help turn your goals into reality. 

Whether you want to learn English, Spanish, German as a foreign language, or a lesser-known language, with SprachUnion you can be confident you have chosen a professional language school. All our language courses are taught by experienced tutors, who will share the secrets of easy language learning with you.

Tailored advice on your language course in Chemnitz

We would be happy to give you further information or personal advice to help you find the right course at our language school. Just give us a call or contact us using our contact form.

Learn languages with SprachUnion

The length of the course is determined by your language level and the number of weekly units (one unit = 45 minutes). The number of units corresponds to the recommendations of the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR). To attend a particular course level, you need knowledge of the previous level. You can provide evidence of this by presenting the corresponding certificates or by taking a placement test at SprachUnion.

Language level A1 A2 B1 B2 C1 C2
Knowledge Basic Advanced
Day-to-day advanced
Proficient Near native
Units* 100 110 110 170 200 200

* one unit = 45 minutes

Learn languages with our experienced tutors

We select the tutors at our language school based on your wants and needs. They are all assessed before they start teaching as part of our rigorous selection process, and their performance is regularly reviewed through classroom observations. This means we at SprachUnion can be confident of our high-quality teaching – we know how to make language learning easy. At advanced levels, language courses are usually taught by native speakers.

Easy language

Fun and easy language learning led by experienced tutors.

Flexible course dates and times

Flexible course times, Monday to Sunday, between 7:30 a.m. and
8 p.m.


Language courses can be held at your business or in our facilities.

on completion

Final tests and attendence certificates.

Regular quality

Quality assurance through observations and feedback from participants.

Advice on courses and funding

Tailored advice on courses and funding.

Overview of our language courses

SprachUnion offers a wide range of courses in different languages, specialist fields, and areas of expertise. Alongside conventional courses for groups and individuals, we also offer online courses in German and English at our language school. 

Foreign languages

Learn German as a foreign language, English, French, Italian, Spanish and plenty more, with one-on-one tuition or in a group of up to 15 participants.

Specialist field

We offer language courses designed for specific fields such as business, mechanical and plant engineering, construction and civil engineering, solar technology, medicine, IT and more.

Areas of expertise

Develop your language skills in the areas of presentations, business negotiations, technical customer support, telephone calls, written correspondence, small talk and more besides.

Language courses for private individuals

Are you interested in learning a new language or refreshing your existing knowledge? With SprachUnion, you have an experienced partner to support you. We offer a range of language services at our language school, including courses for groups or individuals at different levels of ability.

Language courses for businesses

Your employees don’t have the time to go to a language school after work? Perhaps you find the content of most courses too general for day-to-day business? Or maybe you’d like to choose the length and frequency of the lessons? SprachUnion’s language training for businesses is the perfect solution to these issues.

German and English courses online

Would you like to learn German or English wherever you are? With SprachUnion, you can book online language courses to meet your needs – as in-house training, group training or one-on-one tuition. In addition to language training in German as a foreign language and English, you can also request other languages.

Pronunciation training in German & English

SprachUnion offers professional pronunciation training for German and English. The experienced pronunciation tutors at our language school will help you perfect your accent.

Our language courses for private individuals

Funding opportunities for language learning

Institutional funding is often available for language courses for businesses – and for individuals. Get in touch – we’d be happy to put you in contact with the right people.

Educational grant for language courses
(ESF Bildungsprämie)

For people in employment looking for further development and continuing education in their personal time, e.g. for language training in English.

Weiterbildungsscheck Sachsen grant for language courses (SAB)

For employees in Saxony to improve their career prospects through continuing education, e.g. for a language course in French.

Company funding programme for language courses (SAB)

For companies based on Chemnitz or the Free State of Saxony who are planning further training for their employees, e.g. a company training course in English.

Our ongoing group courses in German (German as a foreign language) have regular dates for new starters. You can apply at any time online, by phone or by visiting our language school.

Learn foreign languages with SprachUnion

We would be happy to talk to you in person about our language courses. Please get in touch. To get started, simply use our contact form. Please complete all the necessary fields.

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Contact form for language courses

If you’re interested in learning a new foreign language or improving your language skills, in either a group course or one-on-one, please contact us. We’d be happy to advise you.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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