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There are an estimated 80,000 deaf and 16 million hearing-impaired people living in Germany, who often use sign language to communicate. They are frequently confronted with a whole range of problems when communicating because they do not hear acoustic speech or hear it only very poorly. Sign-language interpreters, also known as signers, are therefore increasingly used at official or professional events.

SprachUnion provides experienced and state-certified sign-language interpreters for every occasion.

Sign-language interpreting for the German language
Our wide network of sign-language interpreters enables us to find the ideal interpreter for your needs and requirements. Our sign-language interpreters interpret from and into German Sign Language. However, we are also happy to provide signers in other languages on request.

Sign-language interpreting contact form

Do you have any questions about what we offer? Or do you want to learn more about our services? We will be happy to answer your questions by email or via our contact form. You are also welcome to contact us by phone to arrange a personal meeting.

Location Chemnitz

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