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DTP / foreign-language typesetting

Everyone knows the laborious work that is needed when documents have to conform to a particular layout or meet certain design requirements. You move an image slightly and suddenly the document has three more pages, and the heading is no longer in its place. It gets even more complicated if you want to publish the layout in different languages. Suddenly, you have to take different rules for hyphenation and splitting sentences into account, as well as special characters and accents specific to individual languages. Even the reading direction may be different…


SprachUnion has the right translators and DTP professionals for this difficult task. We make DTP and foreign-language typesetting easy.

Experts in professional foreign-language typesetting
Looking for a professional DTP specialist to typeset your print items or recreate your digital layout in a particular target language? Use our contact form or get in touch directly by phone or email.

Foreign-language typesetting contact form

Do you have any questions about what we offer? Or do you want to learn more about our services? We will be happy to answer your questions by email or via our contact form. You are also welcome to contact us by phone to arrange a personal meeting.

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