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Chinese language courses in Chemnitz – learn Mandarin or Cantonese

Around 1.1 billion people speak Chinese as their mother tongue – making it the world’s number one language in terms of the number of native speakers. An estimated 200 million people also speak or are learning Chinese as a second language. Chinese is becoming more and more important as a world language for business and international relations.

Want to learn Chinese? SprachUnion has the right Chinese language course for you, whether you want to learn Mandarin or Cantonese.

Our basic Chinese course (A1)
This course will teach you the key language skills to enable you to hold simple conversations in Chinese in everyday life and on holiday. Teaching materials are included in our course prices. Chinese courses are held in small groups of 7–9 participants.

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Location Chemnitz

Location Leipzig

Chinese basic course

In this Chinese course, you will get to know the basics of the Chinese language and the essentials for simple conversation in everyday life, at university and at work. You will learn how to introduce yourself, ask how someone is, talk about family, the weather and hobbies, and have simple conversations in a store.

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