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Pronunciation training for German and English

“You like potato and I like potahto …” Dialects and accents are a beautiful thing in themselves. They enliven and diversify a language. At an international level, however, “clean” pronunciation is often expected. Especially in the professional world, it is an advantage to be able to master standard pronunciation. This prevents misunderstandings, promotes effective communication and avoids embarrassment on the part of the speaker.

SprachUnion offers professional pronunciation training for the German and English languages to improve your professional opportunities.

Learn to speak and present in a linguistically correct way
Do you have to give a presentation or a talk? Or maybe you have a media or public appearance and would like to improve your pronunciation? Whether you’ll be speaking in English or German, SprachUnion can provide pronunciation training tailored to your individual needs. Contact us by email or telephone or use our contact form.

Contact form for our pronunciation training

Do you have any questions about what we offer? Or do you want to learn more about our services? We will be happy to answer your questions by email or via our contact form. You are also welcome to contact us by phone to arrange a personal meeting.

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